First Day in the US

The first picture where i am sitting on the computer is right in my room. That was when i was creating this blogspot. That same day 25 th Aug 2007 we went to the church for a wedding and after the program Pastor Tom snapped the other one outside of Bethlehem Baptist.
The wedding was very nice and brief and a little very different from the way it is done in cameroon. I enjoyed it.
This evening i went for Saturday evening worship service at the Bethlehem Baptist Church where Pastor John Piper was the preacher. It was really wonderful. He preached a sermon titled “Spectacular sins and their global Purpose for the Glory of Christ: ‘the fatal disobedience of Adam and the Triumphant Obedience of Christ” from Romans 5:12-21. what a wonderful sermon. Please you might want to visit to read or listen to that sermon. I felt so lifted in my spirit. I hope and pray that God will give me more of such times during my stay here in the US.

After the worship service i came back home and had super with the Stellers. What a welcoming people they are.

In short Bethlehem members are really very welcoming so far as i have seen. What a blessing from God is it to be here!
Thanks for visiting this blog.
Dieudonne Tamfu


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