Dieudonné Tamfu

Dieudonné is husband to Dominique and father to Jadon A. Tamfu. Dieudonné is an elder at Jubilee Community Church and teaches at the Bethlehem College & Seminary. He is a graduate of the Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary (BATS), Bethel Seminary (MATS), Bethlehem College & Seminary (DPS), and he holds a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has a passion for relieving theological famine in the church, especially the church of Cameroon.

Dominique Tamfu

Dominique grew up in a bicultural, non-religious home in an affluent city in South Florida. Growing up in a materialistic, superficial culture made Dominique crave for deeper meaning in life. So, at the age of twelve, she became a Jehovah’s witness and began attending Kingdom Hall weekly with her uncle. In college, Dominique was exposed to the doctrine of the Trinity and learned for the first time that, according to Scripture, Jesus Christ is God. She was born again on February 24, 2011.

Dominique immediately felt called to missions overseas. Seeing how rich the American Church was in resources, theological education, and gospel-proclaiming churches made Dominique want to go overseas to serve a weaker church with more needs. God sustained this desire in her heart and fanned it into flame during her time at Bethlehem Baptist Church. When God brought Dieudonné into her life and she heard about his dream to serve his people back in Cameroon, she was excited and captivated by his vision for church-planting and theological education in a land that was being ravaged by the prosperity gospel.

Dominique used to work as a business analyst, and she now stays at home with her son, Jadon. She loves studying and teaching the Bible to women and children. She loves reading books. (Even with a baby, she tries to read at least one book a week.) She likes to cook ethnic food, especially African food. She writes poetry and dreams about writing Christian children’s books one day.

In Cameroon, Dominique wants to help Dieudonné first and foremost by devoting herself to taking care of their children and home. As she attends to her family, Dominique would like to disciple women and help them develop a more biblical worldview of marriage and parenting. She would like to teach Bible classes for women and children and join her husband in teaching marriage and parenting seminars. Finally, she hopes to use her business education and skills to help oversee the business side of the seminary.