Ministry Updates

Dear Friends and Family,

We are now support-raising, and we plan to leave by summer of 2018! Jubilee Community Church and Bethlehem Baptist Church are our sending churches, and Bethlehem College & Seminary with partner with us for church-based theological education.

Our Mission

We have two main goals:

1. Strengthen the Cameroonian Churches

2. Reach the 10 unengaged people groups of Cameroon

To do this, we will plant a church in Yaoundé, the capital city, and establish a church-based theological center. We will equip men within the church with the aim to plant gospel-centered churches in the reached, unreached, and unengaged people groups of Cameroon.

John Piper says, “My admiration, trust, and support for Dieudonne’s vision of Bible-saturated ministerial training in Cameroon is unqualified and joyful. His integrity, spiritual maturity, doctrinal depth, leadership gifts, personal warmth, and biblical faithfulness are unimpeachable and worthy of our most generous backing.”


The support-raising process has been very encouraging! Many people are excited about our vision for ministry and want to join us in strengthening the weak, false-gospel-ridden church of Cameroon and reaching the ten unengaged people groups. We have raised 30% of our support. To reach our goal, we need fifty more people to commit to giving $100/month. Do you have a passion to see God’s glory spread in Cameroon? If so, would you partner with us?

How To Give

Online: Go to Bethlehem College & Seminary Cameroon Extension Site

Scroll down to: Contribute to the Cameroon Extension Site and see the different options for giving.


Mail check to:
Bethlehem College & Seminary
720 13th Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55415
Remember to write “Cameroon Extension Site” on the memo line

All donations are tax-deductible, and 100% of your donations will go towards the cause.